Is solar energy right for you?

Consider these:

• Where will you locate the Solar station? Some cities and neighborhoods restrict the use of solar panels, asking that panels be installed on the rear roof side only.

• What is the orientation of your building? Because the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, a building with its longest measurement, or side, running east to west will probably optimize exposure to the sun’s radiation.

• What is the size of your roof? A 10KW system can require 800 square feet to install.

• Are there trees, rooftop air-conditioners, or other building or objects that might put shade on the solar panels? Energy Team wants to maximize your output.

• Does your rooftop have enough load-bearing capacity to support the solar panels and a 4 to 6 inch snow fall? The Energy Team can probably make it so — but will your energy station be cost effective as a rooftop unit?

Solar Calculator

Good to Go? Great! One of our experienced representatives will be contacting you soon to give you a FREE NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATE on what it would take for you to go solar. In the meantime, if you would like a rough preliminary estimate based on what we know today, feel free to use the Solar Calculator below. Add up last year’s (12 months) KW hours from your electric bill and insert it in the calculator.