Financial Incentives

In recent years, federal, state, and local authorities have increasingly been offering tax credits, rebate programs, and other financial incentives to persuade homeowners to go solar.


The current federal tax law provides a 30% income tax credit for properties that use solar energy. The credit is capped at $500 per 1/2 kilowatt.


Many states, cities, and even utility companies have various programs available to reduce the initial costs of going solar and lower the payback period. The rebate amounts vary depending on the program, but often times we can qualify you for federal and state incentives. By combining multiple rebate programs, we can save you some serious money. You can find more information about federal and state incentives currently being offered at
At Energy Team USA we are experts at finding all the financial resources available to you, and can reduce your upfront cost of installing a solar energy system by more than 60%! Are you interested in going solar but don’t think you can afford it? Give us a call today. Often times we can get your upfront costs dramatically reduced and have you going solar for a lot less than you would think.