Missouri Solar Rebate Update

In case you didn’t hear, Ameren suspended solar payments on October 11, 2013, claiming they had exhausted the solar rebate required under the 2008 Renewable Energy Initiative (Prop C).  Renewable advocates disagreed and joined forces to mount a successful legal challenge producing a compromise solution.

The November 8, 2013 agreement settles the dispute.  How does the rebate change as a result of the agreement?


  • $2/watt 2013 solar rebate incrementally decreasing to $0.50/watt in 2019 funded annually until the Prop C legislated 1% rate cap resource is exhausted


  • A total fixed $91.9 million Ameren territory solar rebate fund available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.
  • The $2/watt solar rebate is available until Dec 31, 2013 – requires a complete Ameren application. The rebate drops to $1.50/watt for 2014.
  • With approximately $40 million allocated to date, it is uncertain when the $91.9 million fund will be exhausted. Solar’s exponential growth may consume all remaining rebate funds in 2014
  • Once the fund is exhausted, there will not likely be another solar rebate in Ameren’s service territory.

What does this mean for you?  If you’re an Ameren Missouri electric customer and you’ve been considering solar but haven’t yet made the leap,, these next 6 weeks are your best chance and the next 6 months may be your last chance to get a solar rebate and save thousands off your solar project.

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