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Solar Energy Team Missouri
Energy Team USA is a one stop shop providing all of your solar energy needs. We provide custom design, installation, and maintenance.


No two houses are exactly the same. Our experienced team of licensed engineers provide electrical and structural analysis, allowing us to properly design a system to meet your house’s specific requirements.


Our team of professional installers has years of experience in the field, and the knowledge to provide you with a quality installation, adhering to all the local building codes and industry standards. We only use superior quality solar panels and stainless steel racking devices to ensure the durability and longevity of all of our systems.


All of our installations are overseen from start to finish by a designated project manager. All of our customers have direct access to their project manager, who will be available to guide you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have along the way. When the project is complete, the project manager will provide you with clear instructions on how to operate your new system, and also make sure you have all the applicable warranty information for your equipment.


Our systems allow you to monitor their performance from anywhere on the globe using our web based monitoring system. We also regularly review the performance of every system we install, allowing us to make sure your system is functioning properly, and quickly diagnose and repair any malfunction if one should occur.


Energy Team USA only uses superior quality equipment made by reputable manufacturers that carry solid warranties. We do stringent research on every product we install to ensure it’s quality before we put it on your house, and we only deal with manufacturers known for producing excellent products and who are not afraid to back them with comprehensive warranties.

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