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Solar Energy Team Missouri


At Energy Team USA, we are making upgrading to solar energy easier than it has ever been. We can help you make the switch to solar energy in 6 simple steps.


No two sites are exactly the same. Consider the position of your home. Does your home have 700 square feet of sunny exposure on its South side? A south facing rooftop is the most productive location for solar panels. This assures you the highest return on your investment. In order to make sure switching to solar is a viable solution for each individual client, first we must get all the information we need about the project. We start off with a preliminary consultation, which can be done in person or over the phone. Then we come out and survey the job site to determine the ideal place to locate the panels, and the most efficient way to distribute the power to the rest of your house.


We will analyze all of the information we collected during our initial evaluation, and use it to create a detailed proposal for you. This proposal will include the suggested system for your house, the estimated energy savings this system will produce, a cash flow analysis breaking down exactly how this system will save you money over time, and the environmental benefits this system will have. We will also determine all the federal and local incentives available to you, calculate the rate of depreciation, and identify any other factors that will help you maximize the return on your investment.


Once we have determined the right system for you, our team of licensed professional engineers will design and draw up a system custom tailored to your specific needs. We will create professional AutoCAD drawings illustrating exactly how the proposed system will be laid out, provide you with detailed diagrams and electrical calculations, and also perform structural and wind analysis.


We will submit and manage all of the paperwork necessary to obtain all of the required federal and local permits needed to complete your project. We will help you apply for federal and state incentives to manage utility interconnection.


We will provide you with a custom professional installation of the system we designed for you, and our experienced installers will perform a series of tests to confirm your system is working properly.


We regularly monitor your system and immediately alert you should we detect any problems with it’s performance.

Energy Team USA will be by your side through every step of this process, making sure your transition to solar powered energy is a smooth one. If you are considering making the switch, contact us today for a free evaluation.

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